Our Trainers

Cory - Personal Trainer . Boot Camp . Nutrition

Certified through The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) as a Certified Trainer and Performance Enhancement Specialist!  Former college and professional athlete, Cory naturally has a passion for all the different areas of strength and conditioning.  For over 11 years, Cory has been teaching others about their bodies thru proper training, nutrition, and cardiovascular programs.  Works with clients of all ages, weights, physical limits, injury rehab, athletes and many other specific needs.  His training programs are customized to each individual. Schedule a FREE consultation and discover how he can help transform your fitness.  Cory will be leading out Boot Camp classes!    

Samantha - Power Yoga

Certified in Yoga, Fitness and Nutrition.  Samantha has been practicing what she loves for over 10 years.  She believes the magical gift of yoga is it's tailor made to anyone's abilities as long as they have an open mind.  She encourages her students to integrate yoga, in all its forms, into everyday life.  

Rosi - Zumba . Mixxedfit . Personal Trainer

Zumba / Mixxedfit / Total Body Strength/Core  * Personal Trainer

Founder of BFierce Fitness, certified in fitness training for over 5 years.  I'm passionate about fitness and helping others achieve their fitness goals through education, consistency, and discipline.